Baby Gift Set: Charming Faith-Based Bunny Review

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The Everybunny Prays baby gift set features a plush bunny reciting a bedtime prayer and an illustrated book. It is perfect for baptisms, christenings, or Easter gifts for young children. I purchased this gift set for my niece’s baptism, and it was a hit. The bunny is incredibly soft, and the prayer-reciting feature adds a special touch to bedtime routines. The illustrated book is beautifully done, making it a delightful way to introduce faith to little ones.

Meet Everybunny Prays

Baby Gift Set

The Everybunny Prays set from Tickle & Main is a thoughtful gift for girls. It features a plush bunny that recites the prayer, “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.” This 7-inch stuffed animal rabbit, complete with embroidered details and a sweet voice, makes an ideal gift. The set also includes a captivating board book with 16 watercolor illustrations, perfect for fostering faith in infants.

Perfect Baptism & Easter Gift

Baby Gift Set

Delight in the joy of giving with the Everybunny Prays set, an ideal baptism, christening, or Easter gift for girls, babies, and toddlers. Presented in a charming pink rose gift box with a ribbon closure, this set is a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come. The curated children’s gift set is packaged ready to gift, making it a hassle-free option for special occasions.

Fostering Faith Early

Baby Gift Set

Encourage faith from a young age with the Everybunny Prays set that includes a plush bunny and a board book with religious themes. This set is a perfect Catholic or religious gift for sons, grandsons, godsons, and daughters, fostering a sense of spirituality and devotion early in life. Combining a prayer-reciting bunny and an illustrated book creates a meaningful way to introduce children to faith.

Adorable and Endearing

Baby Gift Set

Customers rave about the adorable nature of the Everybunny Prays set, with many praising the softness and cuteness of the plush bunny. The set has garnered positive reviews for being a perfect gift for granddaughters, nieces, and baby girls. The combination of the love of God with the whimsy of a bunny rabbit has resonated with many customers, making it a cherished gift option.

Lovely Christening Gift

Baby Gift Set

The Everybunny Prays set has been described as a perfect baptism gift by satisfied customers, with many highlighting its suitability for special occasions like christenings. The set’s inclusion of a prayer book and a prayer-reciting bunny adds a special touch to the gift, making it a memorable and meaningful present for young children. Customers appreciate the set’s cute packaging and the thoughtful message it conveys.

Engaging and Educational

The Everybunny Prays set entertains with its plush bunny and prayer recitation and engages children with a captivating board book. Customers have found that the set is adorable and educational, helping children understand religious concepts in a fun and interactive way. The set’s combination of entertainment and education makes it a valuable addition to any child’s collection.

Unboxing the Baby Gift Set: A First Impression

The excitement of unboxing a new purchase, especially when it’s a gift for a cherished little one, cannot be overstated. The Tickle & Main Everybunny Prays Baby Gift Set makes a strong first impression with its beautifully designed pink rose box and ribbon closure. The care taken in packaging speaks volumes about the quality of the contents inside.

For those seeking a meaningful and delightful baby gift set, the initial presentation of this product sets the tone for the treasures inside. The anticipation builds as recipients open the box to discover the plush praying musical bunny and the accompanying board book, promising bonding moments and spiritual growth.

The Heartwarming Appeal of the Baby Gift Set

At the heart of the Tickle & Main Baby Gift Set is its ability to touch the hearts of both the giver and the receiver. With its soft voice and comforting prayer, the praying musical bunny becomes an instant companion for little ones. It’s not just a toy but a nightly ritual, encouraging peaceful sleep with ‘Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.’

The accompanying board book, rich with watercolor illustrations, engages young minds in prayer. This baby gift set does more than entertain; it fosters a deep sense of comfort, faith, and tranquility in a child’s early years, making it a profoundly impactful present.

Durability and Longevity: Investing in a Baby Gift Set

When selecting a baby gift set, longevity and durability are critical considerations. The Tickle & Main Everybunny Prays set addresses these concerns head-on. The board book’s hardback design ensures it can withstand curious hands and toddlerhood’s inevitable wear and tear. Even the plush bunny is crafted with durability and designed to be a long-lasting keepsake.

This resilience makes the baby gift set a charming addition to a child’s collection and a practical one. Parents will appreciate the thoughtfulness of a gift that continues to bring joy and comfort to their child night after night, long after other toys may have been outgrown or forgotten.

The Educational Value of a Thoughtful Baby Gift Set

Beyond its immediate joy, the Tickle & Main Baby Gift Set holds considerable educational value. Pressing the bunny’s belly to hear a prayer encourages cognitive development and introduces the concept of cause and effect. Meanwhile, the storybook nurtures early literacy skills and sparks conversations about faith, hope, and gratitude.

This baby gift set is not just a toy; it’s a tool for learning and growth. It supports parents in instilling values and faith, making it an invaluable addition to any child’s developmental journey. The blend of entertainment and education sets this baby gift apart as a significant gift.

Navigating Concerns: The Volume of the Baby Gift Set’s Praying Bunny

While the Tickle & Main Baby Gift Set has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, some users have noted the volume of the praying bunny’s voice as a concern. Potential buyers need to be aware that the bunny’s prayer audio is quite loud, which might startle sensitive infants or make it less ideal for quiet bedtime routines.

Acknowledging this feedback, parents should test the volume in a non-sleep setting to gauge their child’s reaction. Fortunately, the overall charm and utility of the baby gift set – from its engaging storybook to the plush bunny’s comforting presence – continue to make it a highly recommended gift, even with this consideration in mind.


  • The set combines a plush praying bunny with a captivating illustrated book, making it an ideal gift that fosters faith and creativity in children.
  • Packaged in a beautiful gift box, it’s ready to gift for special occasions like baptisms and Easter, saving time and effort for busy parents and relatives.
  • The praying bunny’s sweet voice reciting a bedtime prayer adds a charming touch that can comfort and delight children at bedtime.


  • Some customers reported that the keepsake box arrived damaged, with bent corners, indicating potential issues with packaging and handling during delivery.
  • Some describe the voice mechanism in the bunny as very loud, which may not be suitable for all children, especially those sensitive to loud noises.
  • Limited to a specific theme, the product might not appeal to buyers looking for non-religious themed gifts for children.


Overall, the Everybunny Prays set exceeded my expectations. The quality of the products, from the soft bunny to the captivating book, is top-notch. It makes for a meaningful gift that combines faith and playfulness, perfect for special occasions like baptisms or Easter. I highly recommend this set to anyone looking for a thoughtful and unique gift for young children.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the praying bunny suitable for children of all ages?

Answer: Absolutely! The bunny is designed with safety in mind, making it a great companion for children from infancy. Its soft texture and comforting prayer-reciting feature make it a great choice.

Question: Can the voice volume of the bunny be adjusted?

Answer: Unfortunately, the voice volume is not adjustable. It’s set to a specific loudness to ensure the prayer’s clarity, but it might not be suitable for quieter environments.

Question: What makes this product an excellent gift for special occasions?

Answer: Its thoughtful combination of a prayer-reciting plush bunny and a beautifully illustrated book, all packaged in a delightful gift box, makes it a meaningful and convenient present for occasions like baptisms, christenings, and Easter.