Captivating Unicorn Pillow Set: Where Fairytales Begin

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Upon receiving the Unicorn Pillow Gift Set, my nieces were overjoyed with the cuddly unicorn plush pillow pal and the beautiful unicorn dream catcher. The storybook captivated and encouraged them to follow their dreams, and the star-shaped notepad added a whimsical touch to their creative endeavors. The plush pillow was soft and perfect for their unicorn-themed room decor, and the dreamcatcher brought a magical element to their space. Even better, the adorable set also included a delightful book that further enhanced their imaginative play and learning experience!

Ultimate Gift Set

Unicorn Pillow

The Tickle & Main Unicorn Pillow Gift Set offers the ultimate gift for the little unicorn lovers in your life. It combines a cuddly unicorn plush pillow pal with a wish pocket, a beautiful unicorn dream catcher for inspiring sweet dreams, a captivating storybook, “Follow Your Dreams,” and a whimsical star-shaped notepad for jotting down dreams and aspirations. This set is perfect for children aged 4-9 and provides a magical combination of plush toys, room decor, and enchanting gifts that bring joy and inspiration.

Inspiring Storybook

The included “Dreaming with Unicorns” storybook is designed to inspire girls to dream big and embrace positivity. With captivating illustrations and rhymes, it encourages young minds to write down their dreams and unleash their imagination. The storybook introduces the magic of dreamcatchers, emphasizing banishing bad dreams and welcoming good ones to trickle down feathers onto sleepy heads. This enchanting journey into the land of unicorns keeps the magic alive for young readers!

Unicorn Plush Pillow

Unicorn Pillow

The Unicorn Plush Pillow included in the set is a soft and cuddly companion that every unicorn lover will adore. Measuring 9 inches, it features embroidered details and a gold horn, making it a delightful addition to any unicorn-themed room decor. With a star-shaped notepad for creative minds to express themselves, this unicorn gift brings endless joy and companionship to girls aged 3-10 years, providing a comforting and whimsical touch to their living space.

Unicorn Dreamcatcher

Unicorn Pillow

The Unicorn Dreamcatcher in this set stands 28″ tall with an 8″ ring. It brings dreams to life on the wall with delicate ribbons, felt florals, and pastel feathers, creating an ethereal ambiance. The golden horn, pastel moon, and star beads add a touch of wonder to this enchanting unicorn room decor piece. Complementing the Unicorn Pillow, the dreamcatcher is a magical gift that captures the essence of unicorns and makes for a captivating addition to any young unicorn enthusiast’s room.

Perfect Holiday Gift

Unicorn Pillow

Trust us, you will delight the little ones in your life with Tickle & Main’s Unicorn Pillow Gift Set! This thoughtful and hassle-free children’s gift is ideal for birthdays and fosters creativity, joy, and adventure in young hearts. Each gift set is packaged with care, ensuring an unforgettable Christmas experience for kids. So, what are you waiting for? Spark imagination and enchantment with this charming gift set that encapsulates the magic of unicorns and dreams!

The Comfort of the Unicorn Pillow in Everyday Use

Beyond its enchanting design, the Unicorn Pillow offers a unique blend of comfort and whimsy that elevates it from a mere decorative item to a beloved companion for children. This plush pillow, adorned with a golden horn and embroidered details, brings a soft and soothing presence to any child’s bedtime routine. Its compact size, while noted by some as smaller than expected, makes it an ideal cuddle partner for children, providing a sense of security and companionship through the night.

Moreover, the Unicorn Pillow’s design and functionality extend into daytime activities. Whether creating a cozy reading nook, adding a magical touch to playtime, or serving as a travel buddy on long car rides, this unicorn-themed pillow fits seamlessly into various aspects of a child’s daily life. Its durability and easy-to-clean fabric ensure that it can withstand the adventures and spills of childhood, making it a practical and cherished gift for children aged 4 to 9 years.

Enhancing Room Decor with the Unicorn Pillow

Integrating the Unicorn Pillow into a child’s room decor not only adds a magical touch but also inspires a sense of wonder and creativity. Its appealing design, featuring pastel colors and playful details, complements a wide range of room themes, from fairy tale to modern minimalist. The pillow’s presence can transform an ordinary room into a whimsical sanctuary where children feel encouraged to dream big and embrace their imagination.

Parents and gift-givers often look for items that offer both aesthetic appeal and functional value. The Unicorn Pillow meets these criteria, serving as a delightful accent piece that doubles as a cozy friend for children. Its inclusion in room decor goes beyond mere decoration; it becomes a source of comfort and joy for its young owners, making it a thoughtful and impactful addition to any child’s bedroom.

Unicorn Pillow: A Gateway to Creative Play

The Unicorn Pillow isn’t just a sleeping aid; it’s a catalyst for creative play and storytelling. Children are naturally drawn to the mystical and the magical, and this pillow becomes a key player in imaginative scenarios, from enchanted forests to epic quests. Its design encourages children to invent stories and adventures, fostering creativity and language skills.

This aspect of the Unicorn Pillow is particularly valuable for parents and educators looking to cultivate an environment that supports imaginative play. Children can extend their playtime narratives by incorporating story elements from the included ‘Dreaming with Unicorns’ book, integrating the pillow, dreamcatcher, and notepad into their imaginative worlds. Such play not only entertains but also aids in emotional and cognitive development.

Critical Evaluation: The Size and Utility of the Unicorn Pillow

While the Unicorn Pillow has received high praise for its design and quality, some feedback highlights its size as smaller than anticipated. This aspect is worth considering for those envisioning a larger, more traditional pillow size. Its dimensions make it more suitable as a plush or decorative toy rather than a primary sleeping pillow. Understanding this distinction can help set appropriate expectations for potential buyers.

However, the Unicorn Pillow’s utility as a multifaceted companion for children—encompassing both decorative and playtime roles—should not be underestimated. Its size, rather than being a limitation, may actually enhance its versatility, making it easy for children to carry and incorporate into various aspects of their daily routines. Potential buyers should weigh this product’s imaginative and comfort value against their size expectations when evaluating it.


  • The gift set includes various items that provide entertainment and decor for a child’s room, making it a comprehensive gift option.
  • With a high product rating and numerous positive reviews, it’s clear that customers are generally delighted with the quality and appeal of this gift set.
  • Including a storybook and notepad encourages creativity and literacy, adding an educational aspect to the gift.


  • Some customers describe the unicorn plush pillow as small, which might be disappointing for those expecting a larger cuddle buddy.
  • The product is specifically themed around unicorns, which might not appeal to children with other interests.
  • The dream catcher and plush might require additional cleaning efforts, especially if they become the child’s favorite and are used frequently.


All in all, the Unicorn Pillow Gift Set was a huge hit with my two precious nieces. The quality of the products blew me away, and each item’s thoughtful design made it an extraordinary birthday gift. I can absolutely stand behind purchasing this set for anyone looking to inspire creativity and positivity in young children through the magic of unicorns.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the unicorn plush pillow machine washable?

Answer: The product description doesn’t specify, but it’s generally recommended to check the care label for instructions or to wash plush items by hand to maintain their shape and detailing.

Question: Can the dream catcher be customized, or does it come as shown in the pictures?

Answer: The dream catcher comes as shown in the product images and is designed to match the unicorn theme of the set. Customizations would need to be done manually by the buyer.

Question: How suitable is this gift set for a child older than 9 years?

Answer: While the set targets children ages 4-9, its suitability for older children would depend on the individual’s interests. It could still be a hit if they enjoy unicorns and creative activities.