20 Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas You’ll Actually Want to Play

Planning a baby shower and looking to keep your guests entertained? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of fantastic baby shower game ideas that will bring joy, laughter, and a touch of friendly competition to your celebration.

Baby Bingo

Young beautiful pregnant woman getting presents on a baby shower party at her apartment

Baby Bingo is the perfect game to add some excitement to your baby shower! This fun twist on the classic game keeps guests entertained and engaged.

Here’s how to set it up: create bingo cards with baby-related items instead of numbers. Think baby bottles, onesies, rattles, pacifiers, and baby books.

As gifts are opened, guests mark off the corresponding items on their cards. The first person to get five in a row yells “Bingo!” and wins a prize.

Guess the Baby Food

It's green, it's gooey and the future parents have to taste it to guess what flavor it is. It a game played at a summer Baby Shower, with friends and family. Horizontal outdoors shot with sun flare. This was taken in the province of Quebec in Canada.

Ready for some laughter and surprises? Try a game where guests guess the baby food! Gather jars of baby food, peel off the labels, and number each jar.

Distribute spoons and scorecards, then let the tasting begin. Guests will sample each jar and jot down their best guesses for what flavor they just tasted.

For added hilarity, mix in some unusual flavors or combine two for a tricky twist. Watching everyone’s expressions as they taste is pure entertainment.

Baby Photo Match

Hand holding instant photo

Looking for a heartwarming and fun baby shower game? Try the “Baby Photo Match” game! Before the shower, ask each guest to bring a baby photo of themselves.

Display the photos on a board with numbers assigned to each one. Hand out paper to guests so they can write down their guesses of who is who.

The person with the most correct matches wins a prize. Baby Photo Match is sure to create lasting memories and bring everyone closer together.

Don’t Say Baby

Happy young latin woman sitting on sofa at home and laughing. Happy multiethnic carefree woman in casual clothing relaxing at home while laughing with hand near mouth. Close up face of cheerful girl sitting on couch and laughing while thinking of something funny.

Spice up the baby shower with the hilarious game Don’t Say Baby! As guests arrive, give each one a cute pin or bracelet to wear.

The rule is simple but challenging: no one can say the word “baby” throughout the event. It’s much more challenging than you might expect!

If someone slips and says “baby,” whoever catches them takes their pin or bracelet. The person with the most bracelets by the end of the shower wins!

Baby Name Race

Pregnant woman with baby names list sitting on sofa, closeup

Add some fast-paced fun to your baby shower with the Baby Name Race! Hand out some sheets of paper with the alphabet listed down the side.

Provide pens for everyone. Then, set a timer and challenge guests to write a baby name for each letter of the alphabet as quickly as possible.

The guest with the highest number of unique names at the end of the timer wins a prize. Names that others have written down don’t count!

Who Knows Mommy Best?

Group of diverse women together at baby shower. Smiling young pregnant black woman celebrating baby shower with best friends

For a game that brings everyone closer, try Who Knows Mommy Best! Prepare a list of fun and interesting questions about the parent-to-be.

These can range from favorite foods and hobbies to quirky habits and childhood memories. Distribute the questions to guests and have them write down their answers.

Once everyone has completed their sheets, have the parent-to-be reveal the correct answers. The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize!

The Price is Right: Baby Edition

Clothes and accessories for clothing and baby grooming on wooden chest of drawers in room with white brick wall. Front view.

Bring some game show excitement to your baby shower with The Price is Right: Baby Edition! Gather a selection of baby items, such as diapers, bottles, and onesies.

Display each item along with a card where guests can write down their price guesses. Once everyone has made their guesses, reveal the actual prices.

The guest whose guesses are closest to the real prices without going over wins a prize. To add more fun, include a few high-ticket items!

Baby Pictionary

Close up of relaxed woman coloring an adult coloring book with pencils, she is sitting on a table at home.

Baby Pictionary is one of the best baby shower game ideas for inspiring creativity and hilarity! Start by writing down a list of baby-related words or phrases on slips of paper.

Divide your guests into teams. Each team takes turns having one member draw a word from the pile and sketch it out while their teammates guess.

No words or letters allowed, just pure artistic interpretation! The team with the most correct guesses wins a prize. Baby Pictionary is a fantastic way to inspire creativity.

Diaper Derby

Female vlogger filming video about changing newborn baby nappies; female influencer making tutorial about newborn baby care as part of online prenatal classes

Set the tone for fun by playing the Diaper Derby at your baby shower! This game is an absolute blast and guaranteed to have everyone rolling with laughter.

Here’s how you do it: grab a few baby dolls and a stash of diapers. Split your guests into teams and challenge them to a speedy diaper-changing race.

Want to up the ante? Blindfold the competitors or make them use just one hand! The hilarious chaos that ensues is pure entertainment gold.

Baby Charades

Pregnant women sitting in living room, having tea and talking

Here’s how to play: write down baby-related actions or items on slips of paper—things like “changing a diaper,” “feeding a baby,” “crawling,” or “rocking a baby to sleep.”

Divide your guests into teams and have one person from each team act out the word or phrase without speaking, while their team tries to guess.

For an added twist, you could include some funny actions, like “baby’s first steps” or “potty training.” The team with the most correct guesses wins a prize!

Pin the Pacifier on the Baby

Baby pacifier on white wooden table, closeup

This game is an adorable twist on a classic! Create a large poster of a baby’s face, and cut out paper pacifiers with double-sided tape on the back.

When it’s time to play, blindfold each guest, spin them around, and guide them towards the poster. The goal is to place the pacifier close to the baby’s mouth.

Mark each attempt to see who gets closest. The person with the best aim wins a prize. It’s a simple game that guarantees lots of laughs.

Baby Animal Match

Group of multiracial friends at a party and smiling. Women friends having a party at home and looking away.

This game is sure to delight guests of all ages! Make a list of animals and their babies, like “cat” and “kitten,” or “duck” and “duckling.”

Create a set of cards with the adult animals and another with the babies. Give the adult animal cards to the guests, and put the baby animal cards in a pile.

Guests draw a card from the pile and try to find the person holding the matching adult animal card. Try using unique ones, like “puggle” (a baby platypus).

Baby Word Scramble

baby girl party

Baby Word Scramble is a fun, brain-teasing activity that everyone will enjoy. To set it up, create a list of scrambled baby-related words.

Think “diaper” (prepaid), “stroller” (trolrels), or “pacifier” (firepac). Print these out or write them on cards, and hand them out to guests with pens, and set a timer.

Guests race to unscramble as many words as they can before time runs out. The person who correctly unscrambles the most words wins a prize

Diaper Raffle

Stack of diapers with toy teddy bear on table. set for boy girl for baby shower with copy space.

This game is a fantastic way to gather much-needed supplies while giving guests a chance to win a prize. Here’s how it works!

Include a note with the shower invitations, asking each guest to bring a pack of diapers in exchange for a raffle ticket to win a prize.

As guests arrive, collect their diapers and hand out a ticket for each pack they bring. Later in the event, draw a ticket and announce the winner!

Guess the Belly Size

Close-up of torso of young pregnant model measuring her growing abdomen size. Close-up of belly. Prenatal weight control concept.

Add some playful fun to your baby shower with Guess the Belly Size! This game is sure to spark laughter and light-hearted competition.

Provide each guest with a piece of string or ribbon. Ask them to cut a length they believe matches the circumference of the parents-to-be’s baby bump.

Once everyone has their strings ready, take turns wrapping them around the belly to see whose guess is closest. Whoever’s closest wins a prize!

Nursery Rhyme Quiz

A multiracial group of female friends having fun and playing games at a baby shower celebration. They are about to have a quiz on how much they know the mother-to-be. They are located in a beautifully decorated living room filled with balloons and sweet treats. Fun activities at a baby shower celebration.

Here’s a baby shower game idea perfect for testing your guests’ knowledge of classic nursery rhymes. Just prepare a list of lines from well-known nursery rhymes.

But here’s the twist: leave out a word or two from each line! For example, “Twinkle, twinkle, little…” Hand out quiz sheets to each guest.

Once time is up, read the correct answers aloud and have guests tally their scores. The person with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Baby Bottle Chugging

Preparation of mixture baby feeding on marble background in morning kitchen. Feeding bottle with water and baby milk formula with spoon on table.Selective focus.

Add a hilarious twist to your baby shower with the Baby Bottle Chugging game! This entertaining activity is sure to get everyone laughing.

Here’s how to set it up: fill baby bottles with a drink of your choice, such as juice, soda, or even water. Each guest gets a bottle.

On the count of three, starts chugging! It’s harder than it looks, which makes it all the more fun. The winner gets a prize and bragging rights.

Make a Baby

Pile of colorful plasticine as background, closeup

This creative baby shower game encourages guests to get crafty and inventive. Provide an assortment of materials like playdough, modeling clay, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, fabric scraps, and markers.

Each guest or team is tasked with creating their own baby figure using these materials. Set a time limit, say 15 minutes, and let everyone’s creativity run wild.

Once the time is up, display all the baby creations for everyone to see. Have the parent-to-be judge the entries based on categories like “Cutest” and “Most Creative.”

Emoji Pictionary

A brunette Caucasian woman holding a paper with a childlike illustration and blank spaces to fill out, as part of a baby shower activity. Fun baby shower games being played at a baby shower celebration.

This game is a hit for guests of all ages! Create a list of common baby-related phrases and represent each one using a series of emojis.

For example, a baby bottle, diaper, and pacifier could represent “baby essentials,” while a moon, star, and baby could stand for “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”

Hand out the emoji puzzles, and set a time limit for everyone to decipher the phrases. Once time is up, go through the answers together!

Advice for Mom

Presents at baby shower party, friends talking in the backgound.

Create a heartfelt and memorable moment at your baby shower with Advice for Momma! This game is perfect for giving the parent-to-be some cherished words of wisdom.

Here’s how to set it up: provide each guest with a card or piece of paper and a pen. You can decorate the cards with cute baby-themed designs or keep them simple.

Ask your guests to write down their best advice, tips, or words of encouragement for the new parent. Collect the cards and place them in a decorated box.

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