20 Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas You’ll Actually Want to Play

Planning a baby shower and looking to keep your guests entertained? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of fantastic baby shower game ideas that will bring joy, laughter, and a touch of friendly competition to your celebration. Baby Bingo Baby Bingo is the perfect game to add some excitement to your baby shower! This fun twist on the classic game keeps guests entertained and engaged. Here’s how to set it up: create bingo cards with baby-related items instead of

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Cute little girl feeding her expecting mother with fresh pineapple in the kitchen.

Weird Pregnancy Cravings That Are More Common Than You Might Think

Pregnancy is a time of incredible change — not just in your body but also in your tastes and cravings! Can you relate to any of these weird pregnancy cravings? Pickles and Ice Cream This combo might sound like a joke, but it’s a real craving. The crunch and tang of pickles paired with the creamy sweetness of ice cream? It’s a flavorful explosion that’s oddly satisfying! Whether it’s dill pickles with vanilla or bread-and-butter pickles with chocolate, this is

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