Sip Smart & Grow Happy With The Nuby Sippy Cup

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We recommend considering the Nuby No-Spill Super Spout Grip N’ Sip Cup if you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use option for your little one. With its durable design and spill-proof features, the Nuby Sippy Cup is a very popular choice among parents and caregivers!

I purchased the Nuby Grip N’ Sip Cup for my nephew, and my sister swears by it! This product has been a convenient solution for transitioning him to self-feeding. Plus, the soft silicone spout and leak-proof design make it even more functional. While there were occasional leaks, overall, my family found the cups to be easy to clean and durable for everyday use.

Durability and Design

Nuby Sippy Cup

The Nuby Plastic 2-Pack No-Spill Super Spout Grip N’ Sip Cups are designed with durability and ease of use in mind. The cups feature durable handles that are perfect for small hands, making them easy for little ones to hold and sip. The soft silicone spout is gentle on gums and reduces the risk of messes, providing a spill-proof solution for parents and caregivers. The bright colors and fun design make these cups attractive to the kiddos, encouraging them to transition to self-feeding and drinking. It also helps them to keep up with the cup around the house, and that’s a win-win!

Safety and Convenience

Nuby Sippy Cup

With a high Amazon rating and thousands of positive reviews, the Nuby Plastic 2-Pack No-Spill Super Spout Grip N’ Sip Cups have garnered praise from satisfied customers. The cups are easy to clean, allowing for quick and convenient maintenance. The no-spill design helps to minimize messes and spills, making it a practical option for on-the-go use. These cups offer a convenient solution for parents looking for a reliable and safe sippy cup for their small loved ones.

User Experience and Feedback

Nuby Sippy Cup

When evaluating the Nuby Sippy Cup against its competitors, it’s clear that Nuby has positioned itself as a leader in the transition cup market. Users appreciate the cups’ functionality, noting that they are leak-proof and easy to clean. The soft mouthpiece is gentle on children’s gums, making it a comfortable option for little ones. Parents have found them to be great starter cups for transitioning from bottles, with many recommending them for their durability and effectiveness.

Nuby Sippy Cup: Cleaning & Maintenance

Nuby Sippy Cup

Regular cleaning and proper maintenance are key to getting the most out of your Nuby Sippy Cup. Parents seeking the perfect blend of durability, ease of use, and safety for their toddlers find the Nuby Sippy Cup’s design and features appealing. The no-spill silicone spout and easy-to-grip handles are particularly beneficial for little ones learning to drink independently.

Moreover, the BPA-free construction of the Nuby Sippy Cup offers parents peace of mind, knowing their children are not exposed to harmful chemicals. This feature alone sets the Nuby brand apart from less conscientious manufacturers. Additionally, the vibrant colors and durable materials used in the Nuby Sippy Cups make them a favorite among toddlers and parents who prioritize safety and aesthetics.

Optimizing the Use of Your Nuby Sippy Cup

Caregivers can have peace of mind knowing that the Nuby Plastic 2-Pack No-Spill Super Spout Grip N’ Sip Cups are BPA-free, making them a safe choice for little ones. The cups are designed to be easy to clean, with fewer parts than many competitors, reducing the risk of mold build-up. Adults are advised to inspect the silicone spout regularly for signs of wear and tear, especially if their child tends to chew on the cup. Replacing the spout as needed can extend the life of the cup and maintain its no-spill functionality.

Additionally, introducing the Nuby Sippy Cup at the right age can significantly impact its effectiveness as a transitional tool. Recommended for children aged four months and up, starting your child with a Nuby Sippy Cup at this developmental stage can facilitate a smoother transition from bottle or breast to cup, leveraging the cup’s design tailored for small hands and the developing grip of a toddler.

Nuby Sippy Cup: Meeting the Needs of Special Situations

The Nuby Sippy Cup is not just for the average toddler; it has proven to be a valuable tool for children with special needs, such as those with a cleft palate or sensory processing disorders. The soft, silicone spout is gentle on sensitive gums and can be easily used by children who may struggle with harder spouts or more traditional cup designs. This inclusivity in design allows Nuby to support a broader range of children in their developmental milestones.

Guardians of children with special needs have found the Nuby Sippy Cup to be a breakthrough in encouraging independent drinking. The cups’ handles and lightweight design allow for easy handling, even for children who may have difficulty with motor skills. This focus on accessibility and ease of use makes the Nuby Sippy Cup a recommended choice among pediatric specialists and therapists.

Sustainability and the Nuby Sippy Cup

In today’s eco-conscious market, the sustainability of a product is increasingly important to consumers. The Nuby Sippy Cup, made from durable, BPA-free plastic, is designed for longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thereby lessening its environmental impact. Nuby’s commitment to sustainability is further demonstrated in its packaging and production processes, aiming to minimize waste and use recyclable materials wherever possible.

By choosing a Nuby Sippy Cup, parents are making a safe and practical choice for their child and a responsible choice for the environment. The brand’s efforts to balance quality, safety, and sustainability make it a standout in the market, appealing to environmentally conscious parents looking for the best products for their children.


  • The cups are BPA free, making them a safe choice for your kids.
  • Designed with durable handles, they’re easy for small hands to grip and hold.
  • Features a No-Spill soft silicone spout, reducing messes and making them ideal for transitioning to self-feeding.


  • Some users report the cups can leak, especially if the mouthpiece is chewed on.
  • Though mostly leak-proof, they can still splash a bit when thrown down.
  • The lifespan of the cups might be shorter if your child tends to chew on the spout.


To wrap up this review, we agree that the Nuby Grip N’ Sip Cup isn’t just a great starter cup; it’s a vibrant companion for little ones on the move! Crafted from BPA-free materials and featuring ergonomic handles, it’s practical and a blast to use. Sure, there might be a slight leak here and there, but the joy it brings to young ones far outweighs any minor inconvenience. For families searching for a fun, reliable feeding solution that keeps up with their little adventurers, look no further. The Nuby Grip N’ Sip Cup is here to add a splash of brightness to your day!

Questions & Answers:

Question: Are the cups suitable for babies transitioning from bottle feeding?

Answer: Absolutely! These cups are perfect for babies shifting from bottle to cup, thanks to their easy-to-grip handles and soft spout.

Question: How well do these cups hold up to being thrown or dropped?

Answer: They’re pretty sturdy and can handle the occasional drop. While they’re primarily spill-proof, expect a small splash if they’re thrown down with force.

Question: Can these cups be used for children with special needs, like those with a cleft palate or autism?

Answer: Yes, they’ve been highly recommended by parents for kids with cleft palates and are the only drink beakers some autistic children will use. Their design seems to cater well to children with various needs.