Baptism Gifts for Girls: Meaningful Gift Set with Musical Lamb

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The Tickle & Main Baby Praying Musical Lamb and Prayer Book Gift Set is a delightful and meaningful gift for newborns and infants, perfect for baptisms, christenings, and Easter celebrations. This set includes a plush lamb that recites bedtime prayers and a beautifully illustrated board book, all presented in an elegant keepsake box.

I purchased the Tickle & Main Baby Praying Musical Lamb and Prayer Book Gift Set as a baptism gift for my friend’s newborn baby. The packaging was charming, with a white grosgrain ribbon closure adding a touch of elegance. The plush lamb was incredibly soft, and the bedtime prayer it recited was soothing and comforting. The accompanying bedtime storybook was beautifully illustrated, and the bedtime blessing inside was heartwarming. It made for a thoughtful and cherished gift that was well-received by the new parents.

“God Bless Baby Gift Set”

Baptism Gifts for Girls

The God Bless Baby Gift Set is a thoughtful and cherished present for newborns and infants. This set includes a plush “Pray With Me” Lamb that recites a bedtime prayer and a beautifully illustrated board book with a bedtime blessing and Baby’s First Prayer. Ideal for baby baptism, christening, or Easter gifts, it is suitable for both girls and boys. The set is designed to be a lasting keepsake, making it a perfect gift for any joyous occasion.

“Press My Tummy & Pray With Me”

Baptism Gifts for Girls

When selecting baptism gifts for girls, the Tickle & Main Baby Praying Musical Lamb and Prayer Book Gift Set stands out for its thoughtful design and spiritual significance. This feature adds a touch of comfort to the baby’s bedtime routine, making it an ideal Easter gift. The praying lamb is perfect for baby girls and boys, making it a charming and meaningful gift for baptisms.

“Bedtime Storybook”

Baptism Gifts for Girls

Delight your little ones this season with the specially curated children’s gift sets, perfect for toddler and baby Easter gifts. The tale celebrates the presence of guardian angels and the love from family and friends. It emphasizes hope and bravery rooted in God’s boundless love. The book culminates with Baby’s First Prayer, making it a perfect addition to special occasions for boys and girls.

“Gift Box For Keeps”

Baptism Gifts for Girls

Parents often seek baptism gifts that are meaningful, safe, and engaging for their children. This gift box features a special compartment for the cherished book and measures 7” x 7” x 4”. Adorned with a white grosgrain ribbon closure, it offers a beautiful presentation for the special occasion. This gift box enhances the overall presentation and makes it a treasured keepsake for the newest addition to your family.

“Perfect Holiday Gift”

Baptism Gifts for Girls

The set includes a captivating bedtime storybook by Jennifer Driscoll with enchanting watercolor illustrations and a soothing bedtime blessing. Each set is thoughtfully designed and packaged for immediate gifting, making it hassle-free for busy parents. The range of toys fosters creativity, joy, and adventure, providing exciting learning opportunities.

Choosing the Perfect Baptism Gifts for Girls: A Buyer’s Guide

The Gift Box included in the set is an elegant, soft, heavenly white box designed for a baby’s baptism and Easter gifts. This set serves as a memorable keepsake and introduces the little ones to prayers in a comforting manner. The plush lamb that recites bedtime prayers upon a gentle press provides a unique interactive experience, making it a standout choice among baptism gifts for girls.

Furthermore, understanding the importance of quality and safety in products meant for children, this gift set ensures that all materials used are soft, safe, and comforting for babies and toddlers. The accompanying illustrated prayer book adds educational value, making it a comprehensive gift package for a girl’s baptism. It’s a gift that combines aesthetic appeal with functional, educational, and spiritual benefits.

How the Baptism Gifts for Girls Foster Spiritual Growth

Gifts like the Tickle & Main Baby Praying Musical Lamb and Prayer Book Gift Set leave a lasting impact on the recipients and their families. The ‘Pray With Me’ Lamb encourages girls to pray from an early age, fostering a sense of faith and spirituality. This set nurtures a nightly prayer routine as baptism gifts for girls go, laying the foundation for lifelong spiritual well-being.

Incorporating the prayer book with its beautiful illustrations and meaningful stories further enriches this experience. It is an excellent bedtime reading that parents can share with their daughters, making prayer a bonding experience. This gift set does not just celebrate a momentous occasion but also supports the child’s spiritual journey.

The Lasting Impact of Thoughtful Baptism Gifts for Girls

The set’s 7″ intricately embroidered lamb has a unique feature – it recites the bedtime prayer “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” with a gentle tummy press. By choosing such thoughtful baptism gifts for girls, givers contribute to a child’s early emotional and spiritual development. The quality and thoughtfulness of the gift are evident in its design, from the soft plush lamb to the engaging storybook, creating lasting memories and a strong foundation of faith.

Additionally, the keepsake box that houses the gift set adds an extra layer of sentimentality, a physical reminder of the baptism day and the bond shared with the giver. This attention to detail elevates the Tickle & Main gift set from a simple present to an enduring symbol of love and faith, making it an ideal choice for those seeking meaningful baptism gifts for girls.

Why Parents Recommend This Gift Set as the Top Choice for Baptism Gifts for Girls

The Tickle & Main gift set is more than just a toy; it’s a spiritual growth and learning tool. The Tickle & Main Baby Praying Musical Lamb and Prayer Book Gift Set ticks all these boxes, making it a highly recommended choice among parents. Its high rating and positive reviews reflect the satisfaction of both the givers and receivers, highlighting its success as one of the preferred baptism gifts for girls.

The ease of use, with the simple press function of the lamb to initiate the prayer, makes it accessible even for the youngest children. Parents appreciate the dual aspect of the gift – both as a toy and an educational tool that introduces their daughters to prayers and spiritual teachings engagingly and gently. This combination of features is why many consider it the best option for baptism gifts for girls.


  • The praying musical lamb and prayer book set is a heartfelt and unique baptism or Easter gift, perfect for both boys and girls.
  • Features like the plush lamb that recites prayers and the beautifully illustrated storybook offer comfort and a meaningful way to introduce faith and prayer to children.
  • It comes in a beautifully designed keepsake box, making it ready for gifting without additional wrapping, which is a thoughtful touch.


  • Some may find the box smaller than expected, which could be disappointing if they anticipated a larger presentation.
  • The gift set is themed explicitly around the Christian faith, which may not be suitable for recipients of different religious backgrounds or beliefs.
  • The product’s reliance on a battery-operated feature for the lamb’s prayer recitation may require future battery replacements, which would add a small ongoing cost.


Overall, the Tickle & Main Baby Praying Musical Lamb and Prayer Book Gift Set exceeded my expectations regarding quality and presentation. It is a perfect gift for celebrating special occasions like baptisms and Easter, offering comfort, love, and faith through its adorable lamb and heartfelt bedtime blessings. I highly recommend this set for anyone looking to gift a meaningful and memorable present to a little one.

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Questions & Answers:

Question: How durable is the praying musical lamb for regular use by children?

Answer: The praying musical lamb is designed with durability in mind for children’s regular play, but like most plush toys, its longevity will depend on the level of care and use.

Question: Is the prayer book suitable for very young children?

Answer: Yes, the prayer book is a board book with watercolor illustrations, making it durable and engaging for young children, including toddlers.

Question: Can the praying lamb’s batteries be replaced easily?

Answer: Yes, the batteries for the praying lamb can be replaced easily by an adult. The lamb is designed to allow battery replacement to ensure the prayer feature continues functioning over time.