The 50 Bestselling Lego Sets for Kids Available on Amazon

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We live in a world dominated by screens and digital distractions—parents and kids alike. So whether you’re looking to limit your kiddo’s screen time or to get their creative juices flowing, there’s nothing more timeless than the humble LEGO brick. With sets available for every age from 18 months up to adulthood, LEGO offers a hands-on experience that engages young minds in a truly wonderful way. And it’s more than just a fun toy! LEGO sets have captivated imaginations for generations, fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, a love for learning, and the satisfaction of building something from scratch with your own two hands. The brand’s unique blend of play, storytelling, and education is unmatched. So start with a basic set of bricks, one of their favorite pop culture characters, or a set you can build together (you know you want to). No matter what, you’re bound to find an engaging, entertaining experience for everyone!

1. DUPLO Classic Deluxe Brick Box

Let’s kick off our favorite LEGO sets with the really littles, and this perfect set of classic bricks. Designed for kids aged 18 months – 5 years, at double the size of standard LEGO bricks, DUPLO bricks are easy for tiny hands to manipulate and hold. This starter set comes with 85 pieces including fun ones, such as a swing, car, and 1-2-3 number bricks to get their imaginations going. Use them to teach toddlers about shapes, numbers, and colors, or let them run wild and connect these hefty bricks into any fun shape their heart desires. They come in a sturdy bin that clicks shut so it won’t spill if tipped over, and good for any parent: the bricks are too big to vacuum! This one makes a great starter set to build upon with smaller themed sets in the future, as all of the DUPLO bricks are compatible.

2. DUPLO Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Birthday Train

What’s happier than Disney, right? The perfect birthday gift for any little, this Mickey and Minnie Mouse DUPLO train set engages your kiddos in fun and educational play. It’s a 22-piece set created for the 2+ age group with a three-car train, number bricks, balloons, guitar, gift boxes and more! As someone whose 2-year-old nephew is obsessed with Mickey and Minnie, this was the perfect present to get me major points for at least a year. And unlike stationary LEGO builds, this one has wheels so they can roll it wherever they like as they scootch their little butts all over the house. Talk about building even more of those motor skills!

3. DUPLO Disney and Pixar’s Cars Carwash

If Lightning McQueen has taught us anything, it’s that there’s a lot more to life than winning. Like making friends in both fun and learning! This Disney and Pixar Cars LEGO set is made for the 2+ age group and features big DUPLO bricks that build your own car wash. Kids can play with drivable Lightning McQueen and Mater cars, use Mater’s towing feature to pull Lightning McQueen along, and let their imaginations run wild creating their own fun storylines. They’ll also learn fine motor skills with the tool set and other movable pieces. If you’re lucky, maybe the kids will even learn how to help you wash your real car. But the LEGOs are good investment regardless.

4. DUPLO Town Fire Truck

We all know that kids love fire trucks. Maybe it’s the flashing lights and loud sirens, maybe it’s the bright red color or the adorable dalmatian doggos? No matter what it is, young children are utterly captivated by these vehicles and with firefighters, with their action-packed heroism, brilliant rescues, and endless adventure. Immerse your kids in this adoration with their very own buildable DUPLO fire truck set, complete with ladder, hose, and rolling wheels. Not to mention the cat stuck in a tree, oh my! Perfect for young builders in the 2-5 age group, this set makes a great starter toy to introduce kids to the DUPLO Town line, which features all kinds of everyday things you might find in Anytown, USA.

5. DUPLO Town Cargo Train Set

If your little ones are totally into LEGO and need to really indulge, you can help them build out their own entire community with the DUPLO Town line. In particular, this cargo train set, which comes with two cargo trucks with tipping function, a harbor area, a café and 25 pieces of LEGO train tracks they can roll away on. The brightly colored trains and tugboats recreate any town’s shipping port. Kids can move and lift bits and bricks from one place to another, connect additional tracks to extend their play space, and imagine entire new stories for their little characters. There are all kinds of fun accessories in this big lego set like a gas pump, a coffee machine, a cash till, and more. And they can even turn on the lights and make the horn sound. It’s a really complete world in the making that any young builder will love!

6. DUPLO Jurassic World Set

Kids love “Jurassic Park” for its thrilling combination of dinosaurs, adventure, and suspense. The idea of encountering massive, prehistoric creatures that once roamed the Earth? Talk about fascinating—for any age! And now you can bring this sense of wonder to your own living room, lighting up their imaginations with DUPLO’s Jurassic World set. This one gives any dinosaur-loving preschooler the hands-on fun and educational development they need. From planning a daring escape to creating their own close encounters, this can build a sense of bravery and exploration. The set includes a buildable entrance to Jurassic World with open-and-close fencing, a large T. rex with opening mouth, a baby triceratops (super cute), and a dinosaur trainer, Owen Grady, with his motor cycle! Get ready to ride.

7. DUPLO Disney Frozen Tea Party Set

I don’t know about you, but my niece is obsessed with Disney’s Frozen. There are Elsa and Anna costumes aplenty, Olaf stickers galore. And the songs? Oh… the songs. For the kid who just can’t get enough, get this DUPLO Frozen set featuring Elsa and Olaf’s tea party. They can relive their favorite movie moments or create entirely new stories with an icehouse, a teapot, hot chocolate and cakes! The transparent bricks are a fun addition to larger sets and give the look of freezing ice blocks. And the Elsa figure will be your little’s best new friend, I’m sure of it.

8. DUPLO Marvel Spider-Man Headquarters

If you’ve got a preschooler who’s more of the superhero persuasion, you can go with this Marvel Spider-man set. Perfect for boys and girls (yes, I carried around a Spider-man figurine for years as a kid), this DUPLO set includes a buildable Spider-Man headquarters, plus three superhero figures – Spider-Man, Miles Morales and Ghost Spider – with a cool motorcycle and fun accessories. The characters can work as a team to go on imaginative missions, try fun activities, and save the planet! Building these fun story-based sets gives kids hours of learning and development that they need to form new skills. And they’ll have tons of fun doing it. Pair it with the Spider-man House set and other fun Marvel editions to build out their own metaverse!

9. DUPLO Town Modular Playhouse

While the price tag on this DUPLO set might be a bit higher than others, consider it’s got 130 pieces in it, which is also much larger than most. And with it, your little ones can build out a fun DUPLO Town dollhouse-style playhouse. As parents, you can use this set to teach kids about everyday routines such as mealtime, play, and bedtime routines. The set is super modular so it can go from residential house to a tower, with living room, bathroom bedroom, and kitchen. Plus it has lots of fun accessories like family members, pets, musical instruments, kitchen accents and more. I love that it lets your kids use their imagination to create an entire world of their own and plenty of inspiration to build storylines based on real life.

10. DUPLO Santa’s Gingerbread House

I love a holiday edition of anything and LEGO DUPLO is certainly no exception. If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift for a budding young builder, this Santa’s Gingerbread House LEGO set should be just right. They can build their own festive, snow-covered house from larger bricks (perfect for tiny hands), while learning motor skills and building exciting worlds from their imaginations. This adorable Christmas-themed LEGO set comes complete with Santa Claus, teddy bear, boy and girl figures, along with a Christmas tree, gifts, and more. Your kids can set up cookies for Santa’s late-night visit, put presents under the tree, and discover them again on Christmas morning to bring everything full circle. And of course, the set is compatible with other DUPLO bricks so they can build out an entire play world.

11. Classic Large Creative Brick Box

When the kids are old enough to handle standard size (smaller) LEGO bricks, which is age 4 according to LEGO, you can indulge their building instincts with a big starter set that covers all the bases. This classic LEGO Creative Brick Box comes with a whopping 790 pieces that can store inside the big brick-shaped bin. The set comes with ideas or the kids can build whatever their hearts desire with a full spectrum of rainbow bricks in all the classic sizes and shapes. The set includes baseplates to build on along with different types of toy windows and doors, tires and wheel rims, and more to inspire hours of creativity. This is also a great purchase for classrooms!

12. Disney 100 Minifigures 6-Packs

What does your kid need to go with their big set of classic LEGO builder bricks? Characters, of course! And what better way to build out stories than with all of their Disney favorites? This set comes with 6 blind bags, each with 6 surprise minifigures for a total of 18 new characters your kid can play and learn with. Celebrating Disney’s 100th anniversary, these limited-edition minifigures include all their favorite heroes and villains such as Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, Stitch 626, Pocahontas, Cruella de Vil, a Dalmatian puppy, Miguel and Dante, Robin Hood, Tiana and Baymax! It’s a great addition to any child’s LEGO collection.

13. Gabby’s Dollhouse Kitty Fairy’s Garden Party

Filled with popular characters from DreamWorks Animation’s Gabby’s Dollhouse, this rainbow colored Garden Party LEGO set is just about the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. And I don’t even know the story! I would get this treehouse garden party set just because it’s cute, and I’m sure any kiddo would love it just as much. For ages 4+, this classic LEGO brick set comes with 130 pieces, a simple building guide, some larger starter bricks to get them up and building quickly, and fun accessories. Watch as your kids develop motor skills, craft creative stories with Gabby, Pandy Paws, and Kitty Fairy figures, and more. There’s a slide, a swing, a merry-go-round and plenty of gardening to do in this imaginative world of fun. All the bricks are compatible with other classic LEGO sets, too, so you can build the world out as much as you like.

14. Disney 100 Celebration Train

Another LEGO set celebrating Disney’s 100th anniversary, this 200-piece celebration train will be an instant favorite in any house. Crafted in bright colors with classic-sized bricks, this movable 4-car train features rolling wheels, fun floats with hidden features to discover as they play, and Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Moana, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and Woody minifigures. Aimed at ages 4 and up, this celebration train set comes with some bigger starter bricks to get your kiddos building fast, plus simple picture instructions (i.e. no reading required!). You can also use the LEGO Builder app with digital zoom and rotate so kids can visualize their models as they build, if you’re into the techy side of things.

15. City Recycling Truck Set

A popular theme within the LEGO brand, the City line offers a range of building sets, minifigures, and accessories that allow children to create and explore a bustling urban environment. Inspired by various aspects of city life, LEGO City sets feature buildings, vehicles, and characters representing everyday scenes such as police and fire stations, construction sites, airports, and transportation systems like trains and buses. For instance, this adorable recycling truck! This 261-piece set encourages imaginative play, problem solving, and storytelling, allowing kids to build their own real-life scenarios. Kids can learn about real-life jobs and caring for the environment while fine-tuning motor skills and playing with a sorting center, a drivable truck with tipping functions, garbage sorting bins, and more!

16. Ninjago Creative Ninja Brick Box

Centered around the adventures of a group of ninja warriors in the fictional world of Ninjago, this 530-piece LEGO brick box is a boss set for any fan. It features bricks to build a ninja training center, dojo obstacle course, cars, bikes, an armory, and 6 minifigures of Kai, Nya, Master Wu, female and male apprentices and Bone Hunter. Kids can make up their own exciting storylines, get active with spinning punching bags, race cars and motorbikes, and more with this giant set. There are also additional Ninjago sets to build out a bigger world. So grab this set, put on some Ninjago episodes, and watch the kids have hours of fun. You might even join ’em!

17. City Farmers Market Van

Another fun LEGO City set, based on real-world activities your kids might actually encounter, I adore this farmer’s market van setup. Created for ages 5 and up, this 310-piece classic lego set will inspire a passion for food, farming, and shop play with everything your kids need to create hours of fun. They can build a cute little veggie patch, “grow” lots of food, and sell it from their mobile market van with a serving window, functioning side doors, rear doors and a minifigure cab. You can add onto it with other City sets like a burger truck, and ice cream shop, a bus station and more. Your kids will refine their motor skills, build storytelling capacity, and enjoy every minute of it.

18. Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse’s Camping Trip

Want to mix your kiddo’s favorite Disney characters with activities you do as a family? This Mickey and Minnie camping trip set is a great way to teach kids about real life adventure! The 103-piece set comes with a rolling buildable car that pulls a camper trailer, with lots of camping equipment, plus Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto minifigures. Kids can roast LEGO marshmallows for s’mores, camp out under the stars, and load up the trailer’s roof rack for the ride home. The set offers four fun builds with easy-start elements so even the young ones can easily get building right away. They can mix and match these well-known characters with other standard LEGO sets, as everything is compatible, or build out entire Disney worlds with other thematic sets.

19. The Rise of Gru: Minions in Gru’s Lab

I mean, who doesn’t love these little yellow guys? I kind of want this Minions LEGO set for myself. But you should definitely get one for your kids, too! For any kid 4 and up who loves the Minions movies, they can have plenty of role-play fun with Kevin and Otto figures in Gru’s lab. It’s a super fun and active LEGO set where kids can make the Minions slide into the basement, test the car on the ramp, or use the trigger on the back of the washing machine to make it turn. Distinctive and dynamic, you can help them build out entire Minions worlds with additional sets. But everything is compatible with standard LEGO bricks, too.

20. Marvel Spider-Man Webquarters Hangout

Designed so that young builders can get up and playing in no time, this Marvel Spider-man LEGO set offers hours of fun learning and creativity. The 155-piece set, created for ages 4 and up, features the Spider-Man HQ, a giant spider building, Ghost Copter, and 2-in-1 Green Goblin car for action-packed play. There are five character minifigures, slides, basketball hoops, and webs aplenty. Kids can use simple instructions to build out the basics and then come up with their own adventures and stories. Mix this Webquarters set with other Marvel sets to create entire universes of fun, or let them enjoy it as a great standalone piece.

21. Star Wars Battle Pack Set

Whether your kid is a casual fan or working on building out their army, this Star Wars LEGO set has plenty of key pieces to ignite imaginations. Created for the 7 and up age range, with 215 pieces, it’s a relatively easy to build set but offers plenty of unlimited role play fun. Recreate Star Wars: The Clone Wars scenes and add on to the buildable Tri-droid, STAP speeder, and defensive post with other bricks in your collection. This is an action-oriented set of intergalactic entertainment that also comes with a whopping nine Star Wars LEGO figures: 1 Clone Shock Trooper, 3 Clone Troopers, 3 Super Battle Droids, and 2 Battle Droids with assorted accessories. Get your hands on one quickly, though, as it’s a super popular set with collectors of Star Wars pieces given it’s packed full of classic characters!

22. City Passenger Airplane

If you’re looking for a great hands-on STEM toy for your kids that provides hours of engagement, this LEGO City line airplane and airport set is fantastic. It has 913 pieces to build a full passenger airplane—inside and out—along with an apron bus, pushback tug, catering truck, baggage truck and 9 minifigures! And you have to see the details here! There’s luggage to move, a cockpit and passenger cabin with seating (yes, you can open the top of the plane to seat your minifigures inside), a catering truck with a functioning lift to load all the snacks your characters need, and more. It’s a big set that works well on its own or they can use it to fly from one LEGO City build to another creating their own imaginative stories of global travel.

23. Harry Potter Dobby The House-Elf

What kiddo doesn’t love themselves some Harry Potter? And Dobby? Get a load of those ears! This is, in fact, the first LEGO brick model of Dobby, complete with a stand and nameplate to commemorate the occasion. Made for ages 8 and up, this 403-piece LEGO set lets kids recreate one of the most beloved creatures in the wizarding world, with posable head, arms, and ears. It’s a perfect entry point to other LEGO Harry Potter sets that might have higher age ranges, so they can build out their own creative worlds with all their favorite mystical characters. Dobby stands over 7 1/2 inches tall and comes with Aunt Petunia’s ‘floating’ pudding cake and a detailed model of Tom Riddle’s diary with Harry Potter’s sock. So cute.

24. Super Mario Donkey Kong’s Tree House

This Super Mario LEGO expansion set is great for building out entire character worlds or adorable on its own. With a whopping 555 pieces, you kids can build out Donkey Kong’s treehouse in a fun jungle scene. It combines perfectly with other Super Mario play sets—note that this one does NOT come with a Super Mario character, but it does come with both Donkey Kong and Cranky Kong figures. Kids can stomp around with Donkey Kong, shake bananas out of palm trees, and visit Cranky Kong several times to gain a reward! There are easy to follow digital instructions available in LEGO’s app, and as always, pieces are compatible with other standard LEGO bricks so kids can let their imaginations run wild!

25. Marvel Captain America Construction Figure

Probably the most iconic character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America makes a great addition to any kiddo’s LEGO figure collection. Created for ages 8 and up, with 310 pieces, this Captain America figure stands at more than 9 1/2 inches tall and features movable shoulder, arm, hip and leg joints. Obviously, it wouldn’t be a complete Cap without the character’s famous shield, which can be attached to either his hands or back, depending on where he’s at in the storyline, of course. Kids can pair with other Marvel and Avengers characters like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, Rocket, and Groot to recreate adventurous missions from their favorite movies or dream up their own creative ways to play.

26. Sonic The Hedgehog Tails’ Workshop and Tornado Plane

A great gift for gamers and young Sonic the Hedgehog fans alike, this LEGO set is aimed at ages 6 and up. It includes 376 pieces to build a little open replica of Tails’ workshop and the tornado plane. Kids can recreate their favorite gaming moments: collect the rings, defeat the Badnik, and rescue Sonic’s animal friend. The set comes with characters Sonic, Tails, a Clucky, Buzz Bomber, and lots of accessories for role-play fun. I know you can’t wait to see Sonic spinning and flying all over your own house (or gift it to a friend so their kiddo can play)! Kids can add on with other Sonic LEGO sets to build up an entire gaming world, or max out the house with classic LEGO bricks to build up the scene to their own imaginations.

27. DC Batwing: Batman vs. The Joker

Another classic comic favorite, of course, is DC’s Batman. Relying on his intellect, physical prowess, and cutting-edge technology to fight crime, this superhero is so much fun for kids of all ages. This LEGO set gives Batman fans 357 classic bricks to build Batman’s flying aircraft, the Batwing, complete with storage for a Batarang and handcuffs and two stud launchers. The set does also include both Batman and Joker minifigures (because obviously you have to have the classic villain too! If your kid is ever not playing with this one, they can also hang the Batwing on the wall for a cool display and storage solution. And yes, there’s also sets for the Batmobile and other Batman adventures so they can build out the entire character’s world.

28. Friends Sea Rescue Center

Introduced in 2012, the LEGO Friends series features fun, diverse characters from the fictional Heartlake City, where they embark on various adventures and activities such as camping, horseback riding, baking, and performing arts. With vibrant colors, intricate details, and fantastic interior design, this series caters to kiddos’ interests in creative play and storytelling. In this 376-piece set aimed at kids 7 and up, the characters can visit a sea rescue center and act out stories of caring for animal friends. There are plenty of adorable creatures from sea otters to seahorses and sea turtles to play with, characters Autumn, Leo and Kayla, and more. It’s a great set for any kid obsessed with aquariums or dreaming of being a marine biologist.

29. DREAMZzz Mrs. Castillo’s Turtle Van

Let your kids immerse themselves in a dreamworld with this LEGO DREAMZzz set featuring Mrs. Coastillo’s Turtle Van! Released in 2023, this new LEGO theme features a group of ordinary kids who go on extraordinary missions in the world of dreams, learning to use their creativity, focus, and imagination to save the day. Kids will love building out a magical stable from the DREAMZzz™ TV show to recreate their favorite scenes. This very cool turtle van can, of course, switch between party mode or flying submarine mode, and there are lots of fun accessories to be added on. The Turtle Van set also includes minifigures of favorite characters: Mrs. Castillo, Mateo and Zoey. There’s a whole bunch of other dream-like characters and vehicles and creatures in the series, too, so kids can collect them all.

30. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Fighter Plane Chase Set

One of the most beloved films in the Indiana Jones Franchise, The Last Crusade comes to life for kids of any age with this LEGO set. They can relive all the action and adventure with a buildable plane and car. The fighter jet comes with a moving propeller, two stud shooters, and removable wings, while the vintage convertible car toy includes a chest in the back containing an umbrella and a pistol. Made for ages 8 and over, this set has 387 pieces, including three minifigures: Indiana Jones with his famous hat and whip, Indy’s father, Professor Henry Jones Sr. with his diary, and a fighter pilot to fly the airplane toy! Kids will have hours of fun building out this set and then engaging their imaginations in plenty of adventures around the house. Add on with other famous Indiana Jones scenes like the Lost Tomb or the Temple of the Golden Idol.

31. Star Wars Ahsoka Tano’s T-6 Jedi Shuttle

As LEGO kids grow, they are ready to take on more complicated builds, like this nearly 600-piece set replicating Star Wars Ahsoka Tano’s T-6 Jedi Shuttle. Based on The Ahsoka TV Series, this big set is made for creative play. The starship toy features an cockpit that opens so minifigures can sit inside, two stud shooters, retractable landing gear, and two storage compartments for tools and weapons. The colorful red and gray starship can fly all over the house while kids create their own adventures for Star Wars characters (or any other minifigure they like). This set comes with four Star Wars minifigures: Ahsoka Tano with two lightsabers, Sabine Wren with two blasters, Professor Huyang with a wrench accessory element, and Marrok with a double-bladed lightsaber. As one reviewer notes, the starship has “perfect swooshability.” Enough said.

32. Marvel Spider-Man Final Battle

For the kid who can’t get enough superhero action and adventure, there’s this Marvel Spider-Man LEGO set. It’s made for ages 10 and up, with an incredible 900 pieces—including nine LEGO Minifigures of iconic MCU characters – Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Electro, Doctor Strange, Green Goblin, Ned, MJ and Doc Ock. Your kids will love building out the final battle scene from Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man: No Way Home. The set comes with mid-air supports so characters can fly, a lift-off roof that reveals Sandman’s huge hand, a soft web to capture the bad guys, and more. It’s a great way to indulge their love for all things Spider-man, with three different Spider-man characters and plenty of fun and adventure to be had.

33. Technic NASA Mars Rover Perseverance

What’s more adventurous than outer space? Little kiddos love the idea of space travel and interplanetary exploration, so this LEGO Technic NASA Mars Rover Perseverance is an awesome way to ignite their imaginations with educational STEM play! What sets LEGO Technic apart from traditional LEGO sets is its use of specialized pieces such as gears, axles, beams, and motors, allowing kids to create models of many real-world vehicles, machines, and structures with moving parts, realistic mechanisms, and functional features. Perfect for kids ages 10 and up, this set includes a buildable toy version of NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter, which accompanied the Perseverance Rover and was used to test powered flight on Mars. Plus, the accompanying augmented reality app experience lets kids dive into the details of the rover and its mission. This is a great set for any young one to learn more about space!

34. Friends Botanical Garden Building

Part of the LEGO Friends series aimed at slightly larger kids—aged 12 and above—this extremely detailed botanical garden building set is beautiful and unique. Inspired by real-life exotic plants, this is a fun way for kids to learn about plant life and care. The set comes with a really cool “crystal” dome with flying butterflies, a wide variety of plants to assemble, a watering can, scissors, notebook, camera, pen, picnic blanket, basket, bottle, croissant and berries. Plus there are three Friends characters to play with, so children can create their own plant life adventures for the crew. This is a big set with more than 1,000 pieces, so the build should keep them entertained for hours and the pieces are all compatible with classic LEGO sets.

35. Disney and Pixar ‘Up’ House

Perfect for the mid-age group and anyone of us who loves a heart-warming story, this LEGO set recreates the iconic house from Disney and Pixar’s Up. Kids age 9 and up can build the adorable, colorful little house, add the giant cluster of balloons, and create their own storybook adventures. The set includes different rooms and functions, two minifigures, a LEGO animal figure and plenty of accessories to spark joy. This is a super creative build with details for film lovers, and the adorable little world from the movie really comes to life. Great as a standalone gift, but can also be added to other LEGO City scenes to create an entire town and community. There’s no end to the fun!

36. Harry Potter Slytherin House Banner Building Set

I promise I’m not choosing sides here—all four Harry Potter houses are available as LEGO sets. But just look how cool this Slytherin House Banner Building is! This playset, which can be closed and hung on the wall for display, opens to reveal a common room with a buildable sofa, table, lamps, steps, and a secret message cupboard for lots of fun story creation. It also includes minifigures Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson, and Blaise Zabini, LEGO Harry Potter minifigures, plus Slytherin’s Locket, a snake element, and more. Do this one, collect all four, or go whole hog and get your little the entire Harry Potter series of LEGO sets, which includes Hogwarts Castle and Grounds, a talking sorting hat, and so much more!

37. Technic Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica

Your kid doesn’t need a driver’s license to appreciate the exceptional, cutting edge engineering of a classic Italian sports car. What they do need is this LEGO set! Part of LEGO’s Technic line of high-end, real-life machinery, the Lamborghini Huracán set gives kids age 9 and up the chance to build a challenging, but definitely worth it, car from the ground up. Check out its moving V10 engine, steering and opening doors. Watch as it comes to life in this classic lime green color scheme. See their eyes light up with joy as they zoom it around the house. Or even just put it on display—because at more than 800 pieces this one is a crowning achievement. And yes, there are plenty of other amazing cars in the Technic line, so the kids can build out a stunning collection to rival any museum.

38. Star Wars: The Mandalorian Series Baby Yoda Grogu Figure

Honestly—is there any Star Wars character more recognizable and adorable than Baby Yoda? I think not. So yes, of course there’s a LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Grogu figure for your kids to build. Made for young ones age 10 and over, this set of bricks boasts more than 1,000 pieces. Kids can use easy-to-follow instructions to bring Grogu to life, complete with a posable head, mouth, and ears. The set also includes a gearshift knob from the Razor Crest spaceship, which can be placed in Grogu’s outstretched hand. Adorable, educational, and tons of fun. Your kid will be so proud and you’re definitely putting this one on display in a place of honor!

39. Ninjago Water Dragon Toy

Part of LEGO’s stellar Ninjago series, this incredible set lets kids recreate a highly poseable LEGO dragon toy from the Ningago: Seabound TV series. With more than 700 pieces, the dragon figure gives your kids an exciting challenge with tons of reward. The end result comes with movable wings, legs and neck, an opening jaw, and a moving tail that can be used as a weapon in battles galore. On top of that, there’s a mini-submarine for Scuba Zane, who also comes with the set. Other minifigures your kid will find include: NRG Nya, Prince Kalmaar and two Maaray Guards, all armed with their own weapons. Get your house ready for tons of action!

40. Creator 3 in 1 Majestic Tiger

If any brand knows how to outdo itself, it’s LEGO, with their Creator 3-in-1 sets, a series that offers multiple building options in one package. Like this one, featuring a tiger, a red panda and a koi fish! Oh my! The set includes instructions and pieces to build three different models using the same set of bricks. It gives kids flexibility to create and rebuild their LEGO creations in various ways, enhancing playtime value and creativity. Each animal you build also has cool moving parts like heads, tails, and flippers, along with accessories to enhance your created environments like a jungle bird and bonsai tree. It’s never-ending fun, and will keep your kids entertained for a long time, building and rebuilding these adorable creatures.

41. Minecraft The Modern Treehouse

As the first Minecraft set on this list, this 900+ piece LEGO set is a super cool build that echos the simplicity and structure of the famous game. It features a large treehouse with lots of details across its endlessly reconfigurable rooms. It’s a great gift for any Minecraft or model-making enthusiast in the 9 and up age bracket. The set includes authentic Minecraft features like a charged Creeper figure and a panda skin, ocelot skin, zombie, cat and chicken from the online Minecraft game, plus lots of other fun accessories. As always, the classic LEGO bricks are compatible with other sets to kids can build out entire worlds and create their own stories. The possibilities are endless!

42. Harry Potter Expecto Patronum

For the older Harry Potter fans, get them this breathtaking Expecto Patronum LEGO set. Perfect for ages 14 and up, this 754-piece LEGO set also offers a 2-in-1 option for kids to build and rebuild. The set can create either Harry Potter’s stag Patronus or Professor Remus Lupin’s wolf Patronus, stars of the Wizarding World! The creatures feature posable legs, translucent bricks for a ghostly look, and a display stand with space for the included Harry Potter and Remus Lupin minifigures. Oh, and did I mention the magic wand? That’s here too! Kids will love crafting this one using the intuitive LEGO Builder app for instructions. It lets you zoom in, rotate models in 3D, and even track your progress (in case you need more than one building session to finish)!

43. Disney Princess Frozen The Ice Castle

If you want to really wow your teenage Frozen fans, gift them this Disney Frozen Ice Castle LEGO set. Complete with the authentic grand staircase, great hall, and ice fountain, this 3-story, 1,700-piece LEGO set will keep them building for hours. Days. Maybe weeks. The Frozen ice castle also has a turret, a balcony, a beautiful throne room, Elsa’s bedroom, and a closet (for princess dresses, of course). There are Anna and Elsa mini doll figures too, with the appropriate outfits, Kristoff and Olaf, and four LEGO Snowgie figures as well. Full of incredible details any Frozen fan will adore, this fun but challenging build will be the crowning glory of any collection.

44. Architecture London Skyline

For kids over 12 (and any desiring adult architecture geeks), grab one of these LEGO Architecture sets. The series celebrates the world’s most iconic landmarks and architectural wonders, like this wonderful London skyline. Kids can build the National Gallery, Nelson’s Column, the London Eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge, all from scratch, including transparent baseplate tiles for London’s famed Thames River. With the set, you also get a collectible booklet with information about the design and history of the buildings for a rewarding and educational experience. It’s not a huge set, with only 468 pieces, but it’s enough to feel super accomplished once built. Makes a great addition to your display shelves and to any classroom.

45. Creator Expert Assembly Square

Part of LEGO’s versatile Creator line, this expert-level Assembly Square set offers an elaborate city facade full of shops, a dentist’s office, a dance studio, and sidewalk with outdoor café furniture for all the minifigures to explore. Introduced in 2001, LEGO Creator sets are designed to inspire young builders to create a wide range designs from the same set of bricks. They come in various themes such as cars, trucks, planes, houses, animals, and more, often featuring realistic details and interactive parts to up the ante on play and craetivity. Good for kids 16 and up, this 4,000+ piece LEGO set allows for a variety of display positions and play. It includes eight minifigures: a dentist, barista, baker, florist, music store assistant, dancer, photographer and a LEGO fan, plus baby figure, and measures over 13” high, 14” wide and 9” deep. This one will take a while to build, but as always, works with the rest of the LEGO collection if you want to go wild and build even more!

46. Ideas BTS Dynamite

There is actually a LEGO set for just about every pop culture phenomenon, including major music icons BTS. Fans of the famous K-Pop band can recreate scenes from the music video for their global hit single “Dynamite” with this play-and-display model kit for ages 18+. And yes, I know that’s technically an adult, but LEGO transcends generations! This nearly 750-piece set includes seven LEGO minifigures of the band members: RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook, each with their own microphone. And you can bring them to life in brick versions of a disco, record store, and donut store. Or have them shoot some hoops and hang out at the ice cream truck. The options are endless. Oh, and don’t forget the detachable stage! Every band needs one.

47. Ideas Vincent Van Gogh The Starry Night

What a beautiful way to honor one of the most famous artworks in history! This LEGO Ideas set—a collaboration with The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and a fan designer—lets you recreate one of Vincent van Gogh’s most beloved paintings: The Starry Night. All in classic LEGO bricks, of course. The LEGO Ideas platform lets fans share their original design ideas and concepts for potential LEGO products. Other fans can vote and provide feedback. And then LEGO designers evaluate winning projects to put them into production. In this 18 and over set of just over 2,300 pieces, builders can assemble a 3D version of Van Gogh’s intense colors and brushstrokes, mirroring the original swirling clouds and rolling hills. There’s also a Vincent minifigure complete with paintbrush and palette and you can hang the finished piece on your wall or display it as a freestanding trophy with your other builds. Quite a win for any adult LEGO lover or fine art afficionado!

48. Holiday Main Street Building Set

If you’re looking for a bit of holiday fun for the whole family, I love this festive main street LEGO building set. While designed for ages 18 and up, you can all build together and give the littles simple part to assemble while you create new holiday traditions (and some fun decor at the same time)! The Holiday Main Street set comes more than 1,500 pieces to build several things, including a toy store, music store, shoppers, store owners and their cozy apartments. You can assemble a streetcar too, and then use it to transport your minifigures in holiday cheer! Details abound in this beautiful set with cute little animals, musical instruments, shopping bags, a Christmas tree, and more. Discover all the details and bring the scene to life with your family for plenty of festive fun.

49. Architecture Great Pyramid of Giza

If you want to really make a statement with your LEGO decor, then look no further than this LEGO brick Great Pyramid of Giza! Part of LEGO’s Architecture series, this incredible model lets builders 18 and over travel back in time to discover this incredible landmark and its surroundings, by building it from the ground up. The set also includes two smaller pyramids, two mortuary temples, a sphinx statue, workers’ village, an obelisk, and a section of the Nile River, complete with a barge. You can lift the outer structure and reveal the royal chambers, interior tunnels, and more. Talk about secrets! There is, of course, also an educational booklet with details about the Great Pyramid of Giza’s history and how LEGO designers brought this marvel to life. A creative and rewarding build for any LEGO fan!

50. Icons Vespa 125 Scooter Model

I’ll leave you on a high note here, with a LEGO Icons set that celebrates Vespa’s 75th anniversary. And an icon it is, indeed. This set, aimed at builders 18 and over, features 1,106 pieces with which anyone can build a displayable, 2-seat Vespa 125 scooter model out of adorable little bricks. The model features a front wheel mounted on one side, a removable engine cover with a brick-built engine beneath, working steering, plus finishing touches like the Vespa logo, a classic 1960s Italian license plate, a spare wheel, and a functioning kickstand. No detail has been spared by the LEGO and Piaggio teams here, y’all. Add a helmet, accessories basket, and flower bouquet to complete the pretty Italian picture, and you’re good to go.